Welcome to Cericola Farms
For over 50 years the Cericola family have been raising healthy, natural poultry products and helping our customers bring them fast and fresh to market through our processing and packaging services. We combine the care and quality that come from old-fashioned family values with a progressive vision for introducing wholesome new product offerings and functional foods.

Our mission is to stay true to the founding principles of the Cericola family: listen carefully to our customers and give them the wholesome, homegrown poultry products they want, delivered fast and fresh to market.

The Cericola Story: success through simplicity

While many of today`s large poultry producers pride themselves on their agricultural and family heritages, very few continue to operate as genuine family farms like Cericola Farms. Our passion for farming and our personal commitment to deliver the most natural products for our customers are rooted in the values of founders Tony and Mary Cericola, and are continued through this day by Mary and her sons, who still run the business today.

Tony arrived to Canada from Italy in the 1950s and worked construction until he was married, and along with his new wife, purchased their own farm, to pursue their dream in agriculture. Selling fresh eggs and chickens door-to-door to Toronto markets.

Although Tony has since passed away, Mary and her sons preserve his vision which has seen our business grow exponentially. From those early days of door-to-door sales to serving the large national retailers of today, the secret to Cericola`s success has always been the delivery of individualized services and products that only a family farm can provide. We strive to deliver the freshest products to the market as soon as possible.

It`s quite simple really: we grow the products that our customers want, and we ensure maximum quality by raising wholesome poultry with only the best feed.