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As Easter approaches, age old questions about chickens are raised.
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Spring is in the air and Easter is fast approaching and so is the Easter bunny. You know when you have been visited by the Easter bunny because he leaves behind a trail of delicious treats. Eggs! Eggs! Eggs! They are everywhere this time of year, colourful, chocolate, marshmallow and even jelly eggs.

This year at Cericola Farms, the Easter conversation has raised some age old debates ...

What came first the Chicken or the Egg?

The most popular theory by our staff is that the egg came first.
Explanation: two birds who were not quite chickens, came together and their mixing resulted in the genetic creation of a chicken.

The runner up theory is the chicken came first.
Explanation: Evolution, prehistoric birds evolving over time eventually evolved into what is known today as the chicken. Therefore the chicken came first.

Both explanations are quite similar in the theory of how the breed developed, the difference is what you consider “came first”. Some say well there had to have been a chicken to lay the egg, while others argue the chicken existed once it was laid and hatched, emerging for the first time as a chicken!

Whatever you thoughts are and why, this is always an interesting debate with many possible answers.

Here are some other fun explanations:
The Egg came first because it is a breakfast item and comes first during your day.
The Chicken came second because you don’t eat it until dinner

The Chicken is the closest living relative of none other than the Tyrannosaurus Rex! Who would have thought that this predator could have evolved into tiny baby chicks.

Can chickens fly?

When exploring this question, we stumbled upon an article on The Happy Chicken Coop that may help shed some light on this myth.

Not all chickens are flightless. Have you ever witnessed chicken feeding time? They fly over each other excitedly trying to get to the front of the line. You will often see wings flapping and birds leaping about a foot or so off of the ground. This is the case for most Chickens who are commonly known as being flightless birds. There are in fact certain breeds of chickens that can fly, Mediterranean breeds like the Acona or Leghorn are examples.

According to this article, chickens fly out of curiosity not because of predatory reasons, they are interested in seeing the world, or ... The neighbour’s yard.

Did you know?

There are hundreds of different chicken breeds in existence, changes vary based on geographical, environmental and breeding locations. The breed we are most familiar with is the White Rock Broiler. Broiler chickens differ than laying hens because they are mainly bred for meat as opposed to egg laying.

How many eggs can a chicken lay?

On average laying hens can start to lay their eggs at around 6 months of age. The total annual number can vary based on the hen’s reproductive system. Egg formation starts after the previous egg is laid and can take up to 26 hrs to develop. This means that an egg a day can be laid but there will be some days where they are not laid at all. The total annual number can range 200-250+ per year. Broiler hens can lay eggs but in fewer numbers.

Why did the Chicken cross the road?

There are endless possible answers to this question, most of which end in a funny punch line. The short answer can possibly be that chickens outnumber our human population by more than 3:1. There are around 7 billion people on earth. The chicken population is somewhere around 24 billion. So maybe the chicken crossed the road simply because it can. We have witnessed chickens crossing the road a few times in a different places; in Jamaica, Bermuda and even here at home in Ontario, Canada. Perhaps they just like to exercise and flaunt their right to do as they please.

We also believe in the curiosity of chickens. Organic Chicken have access to the outdoors when weather conditions allow. Their grain fed diet and ability to roam allow for these birds to grow more naturally. Antibiotic Free Chicken raised without Animal By Products are free of medicinal intervention and fed the best grain feed meals.

Can bunnies lay eggs?

Although the Easter Bunny takes credit for hard working egg laying chickens around this time of year, the truth is that Bunnies do not lay eggs. Rabbits are mammals and give live birth to their litters.

This Article provides more insight, clearly there was a need for it since they claim that between 1,000 and 10,000 average monthly searches are performed asking this same question.

However they came about, chickens have been around for thousands of years. Our focus is to provide the most naturally fresh Chicken products to our customers as fast as possible.

Discover more about our products and availability. Our lines of Organic Chicken, Antibiotic Free chicken and Animal By Product Free chicken as well as Hand Slaughtered Halal Chicken are healthy, natural and fresh products to feed your family.

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