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The benefits of feeding your pet a raw diet as opposed to the many available kibble options on the market.
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Whether you are a dog lover or prefer the affection of a feline, our pets are more than a possession. They are loyal companions, loving furry snugglers and members of our families. Eating a healthy well balanced diet is important for our general health, prevention of diseases such as; obesity, diabetes and oral health. The same is true for our fur babies. Obesity and periodontal disease has been linked to processed foods which are especially high in cereal grains.

So what is the benefit of feeding your pet a raw diet as opposed to the many available kibble options on the market?

Many kibble brands make the claim to have a formula geared towards improved oral health. This would be like a human eating a hard biscuit daily. Simple carbohydrates and sugars are the perfect food to fuel harmful bacteria which can lead to plaque and tartar build up, gum disease and periodontal disease. The accumulation of food particles and bacteria along the gumline transform into a calculus which separates the gum from the teeth. This later stage or periodontal disease is irreversible. The majority of commercial pet food contain roughly 40% sugars and carbohydrates.

Periodontal disease does not just affect your pets mouth and teeth. The presence of bacteria and its continual growth and spread of multiplying bacteria from the mouth to the rest of the body, can lead to many other diseases in the liver, immune system, heart and kidneys.

On a raw food diet there are many benefits that combat these issues. For starters the lack of presence of sugars and carbs by feeding a raw diet, eliminates the required bacterial environment for growth of harmful strains. It is rare to see this kind of dental decay in animals such as coyotes or wolves who are eating a more natural diet. The action of gnawing on meaty bones is required to keep teeth clean and the action helps in removing tartar.

Obesity is another concern among pet owners. It is easy for your pet to become overweight while being fed a kibble diet. Even the best kibble brands contain a primarily fat and carbohydrate content. On a calorie weighted basis the breakdown is 31.3% carbohydrates, 39.4% fat and only 29.3% protein.

While preparing a raw diet for your pet, you are ensuring they are receiving the right mix of required nutrients, while eliminating fillers and reducing fat content. The basic makeup of a raw food diet for dogs consists of primarily meat/bones 75%-95%, fruits and vegetables 5%-25%, oils (fish oil) and vitamin/mineral supplement as directed on product.

These are basic guidelines and the ratio is modified based on many factors including; breed, weight, activity level and age. Always be sure to prepare and feed the appropriate amount.

Being overweight for a pet cause strain on their organs, lead to other diseases such as diabetes and limit mobility.

One of the first things that is evident when switching a pet over to a raw food diet is the increase in digestive health. Natural raw food is processed much easier through the body. resulting in healthier stools, smaller bowel movements and an improvement on odour as well! Fresher breath is another indicator, the lack of bacteria and tartar build up leads to healthier smelling breath in your pet.

With the removal of unnecessary preservatives, sweetners, fillers, additives and fatty grains, the overall appearance of your pet will improve as well as reducing the possibility of allergic reactions. You can expect to see a shinier coat, improved disposition as well as an increase in energy levels.

To ensure that your pet is getting the full health benefit of a raw diet, try using our natural products such as: Antibiotic Free chicken and Animal by-product Free Chicken or Organic Chicken. We offer a range of raw chicken pet food: chicken backs, chicken necks, chicken cages, organs and other chicken cuts. The natural process in these available chicken products ensures that the protein you are preparing in your pets meals is as natural as possible. Cericola Farms line of available raw chicken pet food items are perfect for your pet.

Vet bills can be costly, medications, dental cleanings, even the smallest routine visit can result in large bills. As pet Lovers we want to do what’s best for our beloved four legged companion. With the availability of a wide range of healthy protein options, it is now easier than ever before to prepare and feed your pet a well balanced diet.

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