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Chicken white meat vs chicken dark meat, its all about preference!
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Preference can vary for many different reasons, sometimes the cut you choose is based on the meal you are cooking, dark meat works well in heartier recipes like soups and stews, breasts are ideal for breading and stuffing. on the other hand the choice can also be based on dietary needs or financially driven. At Cericola Farms we were interested to know what our employees thought and we took a poll to see what they prefer and why.

When we set out to see whether our employees liked white meat over dark meat, we had no idea just how strongly they’d stand behind their preferences!

If we simplify it as white meat being chicken breast and dark meat being chicken thigh, it becomes easier to spot the differences:

Product Characteristics
  Chicken Breast Chicken Thighs
Colour Pale and white Darker and almost brown
Size and Shape Larger and teardrop shaped Square in shape
Texture Firmer and dryer Juicy and easier to cut

That just covers what we can see and taste – but what about other factors? Nutritional value is by far is the main characteristic that sets these two equally delicious cuts of chicken apart.

When comparing a 3oz (85g) grilled portion of breast to a 3oz (85g) grilled portion of thigh, it is obvious which is the healthier option; the breast. The thigh is higher in overall calories and grams of fat, while also containing less protein:

Product Nutritionals
  Chicken Breast 3oz (85g) grilled Dark Meat 3oz (85g) grilled
Calories 147 160
Fat (g) 4 8
Saturated Fat (g) 1 2
Protein (g) 26 21

What was their feedback, and where did our employees weigh in on this age old debate?

  9 out of 10 employees polled - preferred  Dark Meat!

When asked why, here’s what they had to say:

  • Cost: On average, the cost of boneless skinless breast is approximately 15 per cent per kg more than boneless, skinless thigh.
  • Flavour: The majority of employees polled preferred the flavour of thigh to that of the breast, noting the higher fat content makes the thighs juicier and more flavourful.
  • Texture: Thigh texture is soft, making it easy to pull apart or cut into, whereas breast was described as being dry, tough and sometimes stringy.
  • Cooking methods: Thighs were said to be a friendlier option for a novice chef, as breasts were noted as being more intimidating cut to cook, as they are easily overcooked.

Despite their differences, both are delicious and a healthier option when compared to most other meat proteins. We hope that there are more people out there who are as passionate about their chicken as our employees are.

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