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Cericola/Maple Leaf Foods - It is this tradition of excellence that aligns Maple Leaf and Cericola.
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Cericola Farms proudly announces the acquisition by Maple Leaf Food's of our Bradford, Ontario Processing plant as well as our Drummondville, Quebec facility on Monday October 22, 2018.

The Sure Fresh Foods facility in Schomberg, Ontario will still be operated by the Cericola Family for an additional 3 years.

We have always taken pride in the community we support and live in. Bradford West Gwillimbury and it's Agricultural roots have been instrumental in the success and growth of our organization and we know that the same opportunities will be available for the development of the Maple Leaf Foods organization as well.

Cericola Farm's entrusts Tony and Mary Cericola's legacy to an organization full of family values aligned with our own philosophies. The availability of chicken raised with carefully developed feed, processed and delivered fresh to local markets was Tony Cericola's vision, with the help of his family and community, Tony and Mary fulfilled this vision for over 60 years.

Products like Chicken raised without animal by-products or antibiotics, Organic Chicken and Halal Chicken Products are just a few examples of the commitment to provide naturally raised fresh chicken for families.

Being recognized for our efforts along the way in 2018 by the South Simcoe Agricultural Excellence Awards!

Cericola Farms has always operated as a family owned business throughout the years. These products in compliment to the natural products delivered by the Maple Leaf Foods brand will ensure this vision remains fulfilled for years to come.

We look forward to remaining a part of the community and welcome Maple Leaf Foods to our town of Bradford, Ontario and Drummondville, Quebec.

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